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    The AID has started! Welcome to all new 'Wageningers'. We a are a local political party by youth, students and internationals. We have two seats in the city council and are working on the improvement of Wageningen in all sectors: sustainability, social inclusivity, better public transport and affordable housing. And so on, and so on.


    Especially important for newcomers is the fact that we are working on on a welcoming package for every new Wageninger. In the first place to let everybody feel welcomed and in the second place too make sure that everybody registers. This is important as the cashflow of the city is dependent on the amount of civillians registered. If a large group doesn't register, definitely a largbe chuck of the city's finances is missing.


    Furthermore we are working with the associations and clubs to let them switch to a more sustainable bank as conservative banks use their money for less sustainable and honorable purposes. In addition, we work with Veste to investigate how big period poverty is in Wageningen and what the municipality can do to help. Do you think these subjects interesting and want to give your input? Let us know.


    For more information and ongoing subject also read Now in the Council and News

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  • Connect Wageningen stands for:

    An inclusive society

    The population dynamics in Wageningen are changing. We see an increase in (international) young people, but also our elderly population is rising. Connect Wageningen sees these changes as opportunities for new initiatives that benefit everyone in Wageningen, also the local Wageningers.

    A sustainable city

    Making Wageningen climate neutral by 2030 is something we do together. This can be done by implementing smarter infrastructure and especially by opening up the floor to more citizens to think how they can contribute on the neighbourhood level. Moreover, the knowledge generated at the university can be used much more intelligently.


    Wageningen is a diverse city in many ways which we should cherish. However, we see many opportunities to create more life in Wageningen so that citizens stay in Wageningen during the weekends as well. We want to invest more in culture and social initiatives.


    The WUR campus is developing fast which consequently loses the connection with the city. We want to strenghten the relationships between the university and the local Wageningen citizen by making sure that there are enough opportunities where they can interact. Besides that, we want to make Wageningen more accessible through its public transportation.

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