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What have we been up to?

We have been in the city council again for a few months now. With the presentation of the coalition agreement we mentioned student housing and the inclusion of sexual intimidation under the goals of safety in the city. Together with the 'Stadspartij' we asked questions and filed a motion about smart lampposts and the data use around them. We supported a motion to do research on if we can ease the parking pressure of the city center and make the city more green by building a parking garage at the Costerweg.
We also signed a motion about incorporating a student civil servant. We also drafted questions about the room shortage for international students.

We have also been working on speeding up the plan of a climate neutral Wageningen. The deadline will now be in 2030. Furthermore, we mentioned in an evaluation about may 5th that there were not enough vegetarian options.
The summer recess will be soon, after that we will get started again!