• Join us and be the change!

    Come out of the Wageningen UR bubble and get to know Wageningen in a unique way

  • Is Connect Wageningen something for me?

    Connect Wageningen wants to involve more people in the city by adopting an easy accesible and inclusive approach. If residents want to change something in the city or ask critical questions about why certain choices are made in their surroundings, it should be easily possible. We want to create an inclusive society by increasingly involving youth, students and internationals in Wageningen so that Wageningen becomes a home for everyone. We do this in 2 ways:


    1. We do this by being a local political party for and by youth, students and international residents of Wageningen. Since March 2018 we have two seats in the city council of Wageningen. We focus on topics that are important for our target groups, for example integration and accessibility. Because our team consists of people from different backgrounds, we have access to a very large network in-outside of Wageningen. This means we are constantly up to date and involved with what is happening in Wageningen. We are connected so to say. Our diverse team also ensures that we always remain critical. This gives us a guarantee that we can accurately represent our target groups in the city council.
    2. Connect Wageningen is also a sustainable organization. Besides politics, there are other opportunities to make valuable contributions to the city. Change really starts with taking action; that's when the magic happens. By researching things, organizing events, setting up campaigns, networking etc. we can do so much more. Connect Wageningen therefore tries to take as much action as possible.
  • What can I do at Connect Wageningen?

    We have a growing top team of people with different positions! There is room for everyone.

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    Become a member of a committee

    Contribute and take action on topics you find important

    Do you find a particular topic interesting? And would you like to dive deeper into it? Or do you have creative and innovative ideas for the municipality and the city? Then become a member of a committee. Connect Wageningen has 12 committees that function as 'experts' on a specific subject. They provide information to the council members so that they can do their work well. Among other things, committees also take action, meet with other organizations, conduct research, organize events and seek new opportunities to make Wageningen a better city. Committees are very flexible and are in control of their own planning and ideas themselves. As a member of a committee you have no further obligations.

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    Become spokesperson

    Develop your professional skills!

    Have you always found a topic interesting and are you ready to use and share your knowledge with the world? Take the challenge and become a spokes(wo)man! As a spokesperson you manage a committee and make sure things get done. You are the face towards the media and other organisations that would like to know more about your subject. You work proactively and are in close contact with other organizations. As a spokesperson you carry a responsibility towards council members as they partly rely on the information you collect.

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    Become general member

    Contribute without responsibilities

    Would you like to contribute to more topics or help when you have time? Or are you going to do an internship or thesis soon, but would like to contribute anyway? Would you like to do a bit of everything ? There is always something to do! Translating texts, taking pictures, attend meetings and report back, represent Connect at social events form other organizations… you name it! Every hand is a valuable one. You can also take this as an opportunity to orient yourself to eventually grow within Connect Wageningen.

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    Board Member

    Use your organizing skills to keep Connect Wageningen running

    The boards responsibility is to ensure the smooth running of internal and external matters of Connect Wageningen. For example, they keep track of memberships are a point of contact for members and committees. The board switches once a year and can be a very valuable experience for your personal and professional development.

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    Future Council member

    The ultimate challenge

    Would you like to become the next council member? We cannot guarantee anything, but when you become an active determined member at Connect Wageningen the possibility is always there! We will switch council members every 2-3 years to ensure a continuous flow.

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    A taste of politics

    Are you interested in politics, do you like debating and would like to represent Connect Wageningen at the city council? As a duo-faction you have the ability to talk at political evenings organized by the municipality. This position requires you to know your subject in and out. You represent Connect Wageningen at the table and ask critical questions about the agenda topic. Every political party has a right to have 6 duo-factions. It is a great opportunity to experience politics up close. Bonus: Per meeting where you represent Connect Wageningen, you receive a compensation! Note: Proficiency of the Dutch language is required as political evenings organized by the municipality are held in Dutch.

  • What benefits can I get from Connect Wageningen?

    • Building and growing a network
    • Experience
    • Get to know Wageningen outside the WUR Campus
    • 100% fun
    • Unique opportunities to work out your ideas that can help you in your future career
    • Personal development
    • Unique insights of politics
    • Create a direct impact in your environment
    • Work together with other young inspiring people
    • Development of professional skills (interview skills, surveys, doing research, presenting, etc.)
    • Positive contributions for your CV
  • What can Connect Wageningen benefit from me?

    We want to offer everyone the opportunity to develop themselves. By combining this with current social issues and politics, we create a win-win situation. All hands are appreciated and contribute to not only Connect Wageningen but also Wageningen City. Connect Wageningen sees every individual as a valuable addition, because everyone has different perspectives, experiences, and opinions. This diversity keeps us on our toes and challenges us to go the extra mile; it makes Connect Wageningen stronger. So if you join us, you mean a lot to us!