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Connect Wageningen explained

Connect Wageningen is a city council party by youth, students, internationals and newcomers in Wageningen, for all Wageningers. 

We aim to represent youth and newcomers. With 25% of inhabitants in Wageningen being students and Wageningen consisting of over 100 nationalities, Connect Wageningen wants to make their voices heard in the city council. Connect Wageningen wants to improve the cooperation between Wageningen University & Research and the municipality including closing the gap between the university and local citizens.  We want to represent youth and newcomers to make Wageningen a better place for everyone. We do this by being easily accessible and by having a fun time. 

All year long, we are visible, accessible, and transparent throughout the city to empower other citizens to participate and create their own city. We do this by being continuously connected every single day; we engage in society and use the knowledge and resources locally available, and offer opportunities to young citizens to build a community of the future.