• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why Connect Wageningen?


    Connect Wageningen is a new political party by youth, students, internationals and newcomers in Wageningen, for everybody in Wageningen. Connect Wageningen was founded by Mark Reijerman to realize a better reflection of the inhabitants of Wageningen in the city council. Although 30 % of Wageningen is student and Wageningen has about 100 different nationalities, these groups have been less considered in decision-making by the city council in Wageningen in the previous councils and needed some proper representation. For this reason, we wanted to get some students, internationals and young professionals in the city council and realize an inclusive, sustainable and better Wageningen for everybody. In the 2018 city council elections we got elected to represent all Wageningers in the council with two seats.



    Why should I be represented as an international?

    If you live in a dutch city, it is your city too! The municipality plays an important role on issues such as traffic (bike, car, public transportation), leisure (sports, bars, cultural events) and facilities (expat centre, international education, public information). Different political parties have varying views on how these topics should be prioritized. There are also large ideological differences on how parties view topics such as immigration, sustainability and the European Union. You have a say in this, your vote shapes the future not only for you but all the other internationals who will start living in Wageningen.