• The Brand Wageningen

    Placing Wageningen on the map

  • Supporting promising new developments, ideas and techniques

    The various research institutes and companies in Wageningen are full of promising ideas and new techniques to improve the world around us. To help boost these ideas into the world, we as a municipality can work together with the WUR to support these new companies. First, courses on entrepreneurship should become more accessible for anyone with an idea. Secondly, start-up companies often face difficulties at the start because of their high investments and low returns. To give companies the time to grow into a successful company, Connect Wageningen wants to eliminate tax for the first 3 years. Finally, Connect Wageningen will stimulate events that bring together research institutes and the business community.

  • Priorities

    • Make the municipalities' cars available to entrepreneurs and associations
    • Stimulate spin-offs from research institutes and companies
    • Give the enterprise office 20% googling time
    • Companies that are considering setting up on campus should also consider the Agro Business Park
    • A city marketer looking for more subsidies
  • Context

    As Connect Wageningen we believe it is important to strengthen the profiling of, or 'the brand' Wageningen. Doing so will not only contribute to more employment and more facilities, but also makes room for more internships, gives more value to diplomas obtained in Wageningen and/or give companies from Wageningen a stronger position. For example, the municipality is very ambitious in the field of sustainability and invests quite a lot of money into it. The opportunity to link a revenue model here has never been made use of. By profiling Wageningen as 'the place where you can obtain quality knowledge and expertise about climate', we can respond to that.


    In Wageningen, approximately € 0.5 million of the € 93 million goes to improving opportunities for businesses, trade and craft. That is 0,5% of the total. Our plans would increase the budget by around € 0.25 million. Which has a low impact on the total budget.

  • Priorities further explained

    Make the municipalities' cars available to entrepreneurs and associations

    We want to put Wagneingen on the map. Profiling or 'branding' is therefore important to Connect Wagneingen. One idea is to use the cars of the municipality as a promotional item, these cars are rarely used in the evening or during the weekends. These are precisely the moments that entrepreneurs, associations and artists do travel. Connect Wageningen wants to make these cars available for a more sustainable Wageningen while profiling Wageningen across the Netherlands.


    Stimulate spin-offs from research institutes and companies

    In Wageningen there is a lot of knowledge and incredibly many innovative ideas. Unfortunately, however it often only remains with ideas. From idea to company is often a big step and many companies in Wageningen are starting to see this now. As a municipality, we also want to take our responsibility here. Innovations have brought a lot of goodness to humanity and we want to support that further. We do not know exactly what the role of the municipality should be in this, but we can at least make locations available for drinks.


    Give the enterprise office 20% google-time

    Since the entrepreneurs are the first to get stuck and become demotivated by municipal bureaucracy, we want to see if we can make rules more flexible. The ideas can come from the officials who work in this field. Google-time means for these few officials that they can do what they want 20% of their time, as long as it contributes to the opportunities for entrepreneurship in Wageningen. The hope is that unnecessary rules can easily be seen and dealt with in this way.

    Companies that are considering setting up on campus should also consider the Agro Business Park

    The campus is getting full and there are limited opportunities for growth. In addition, there is sufficient space on the other business parks. As a municipality, for example, we can reduce the local taxes on start-ups and scale-ups that have grown up here.


    A city marketer who searches for more subsidies

    We want to appoint a city marketer who is the link with the outside world and Wageningen. He will be given two tasks: 1. To show Wageningen to the outside world and strengthen the Wageningen brand. 2. Get ideas and subsidies from Foodvalley, Gelderland, NL and the EU to Wageningen. These subsidies can be used for the municipality, organizations and start-ups.

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