• Integration

    City-municipality cooperation, youth, and internationals

  • "Language courses accessible and affordable for everyone"

    Wageningen is known for its international character with, according to the mayor, 135 different nationalities. For an inclusive Wageningen it is therefore essential that everyone can understand each other. It would be of great value to internationals that they can follow high quality Dutch courses for an affordable price. Dutch courses are also open for illiterate Dutch citizens. Connect Wageningen wants the same for English courses so that Dutch citizens are also given the opportunity to master a second language which improves job prospective. Investing in communication can reduce loneliness, increase social contact, and encourages integration. By understanding each other better, we can also get to know each other better.

  • Priorities

    • Subsidize Dutch and English language courses for everyone
    • Welcome new residents to the municipality
    • Make official documents available in English
    • Create more opportunities where raised Wageninger citizens and WUR-related citizens can meet
    • A culture house for integration and attractive weekend activities 
  • Context

    Our program on integration is unique in Wageningen because the municipality does not have policy programs for integration at local level. The city council never comes into contact with this specific chapter.

    We have been working on this for a long time. Mainly for the sake of promoting integration in Wageningen politics, Connect Wageningen was founded. We are also regularly present at the youth council and meet with all international students, communities and PhD communities in Wageningen five times a year. Many ideas arise from this that can contribute to integration

  • Priorities further explained

    Dutch and English language courses subsidized for all

    With the constant influx of new (inter)national residents, Connect Wageningen sees the importance of a dynamic micro society. The city of Wageningen can sincerely profile itself as the ideal miniature of the world. A melting pot of all kinds of individuals with a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. However, to live well together, it pays to master the Dutch and English language. Unfortunately, affordable courses are not accessible to everyone. Subsidies for both Dutch and English courses are therefore necessary so that internationals, Dutch and illiterate people can master Dutch and English (the most important global language).

    Introductory meeting for new residents of Wageningen

    In addition to language courses, Connect Wageningen also wants to set up introductory meetings for new residents. This is already happening in different municipalities and has been very successful! An introduction about the city of Wageningen, a city tour, and an information market can already contribute significantly to easing integration in Wageningen.


    Make important official documents available in English

    Furthermore, we are committed to the international community by making important information available in English. Now, for example, people in the city center will receive a letter in Dutch on 5 May asking them to move their car. We know that the cars are often not moved by non-Dutch speaking people. We also want to organize more events for international employees and their partners.


    Creating more ties between enthusiastic Wageningers and citizens connected to 'Wageninen University & Research (WUR)'

    Connect Wageningen wants to develop new plans so that the university becomes more visible in the city. This ensures that people who are connected to the WUR also come to the city center. This provides the basis for interaction between different Wageningen citizens. A good example of this is the Sunday University in the Library (bblthk). Furthermore, Connect Wageningen is of the opinion that the Aula on the Generaals Foulkesweg must remain a building that connects WUR to the city. We therefore disagree with the decision of the WUR to keep its promotions elsewhere.

    A cultural house for integration and attractive weekend activities

    Connect Wageningen wants to build a bridge to the future images, ideas and needs of the future generations of Wageningen residents. Our election program is supported by advice from hundreds of young people living in Wageningen. The most important advice that emerges from young people from Wageningen is the setting up of a cultural center in the middle of the city. The cultural house offers a place for creativity and integration for young and old, which will make the weekends more fun in Wageningen.

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