• Housing

    A roof for everyone

  • "Stopping and preventing the room crisis"

    There has been a critical housing shortage in Wageningen due to the current policy which prevents or causes long delays in organizing formalities for construction to take place. We see that especially students and starters have become the victim of this. That is why this is our first priority.

  • Priorities

    • Sufficient amount of student rooms in Wageningen within the built environment1

    • Living in both a sustainable and green environment

    • As an alternative to the 5% rule, 1 in 20 houses in the city may be used as a student residence

    • More rental housing in the middle segment between € 700 and € 1000

    • A hotline to report shifty landlords

  • Context

    Connect Wageningen believes that everyone who wants to live in Wageningen should also be able to live in Wageningen. The municipality of Wageningen does not build houses, but uses zoning plans to structure the city. Close partners of the municipality are IDEALIS and the housing association. IDEALIS indicates that they would like to build more houses, but are unfortunately faced with many political barriers. From housing associations we understood that priority will first be given to making existing homes more sustainable.


    The greatest benefits in the sector of housing can be achieved by maintaining close contact with the partners of the municipality. There is room for improvement in the housing sector, Connect Wageningen has direct links and can easily reach information on the future growth of the WUR through our networks, which is much more difficult for civil servants.


    About € 0.3 million of the € 93 million is going to housing in Wageningen. That is 33% of the total budget. This is not much, but we also have no plans that will change this dramatically.

  • Priorities further explained

    Sufficient student rooms in Wageningen within the built environment

    In contrast to the current political agenda, we give housing a high priority. There is a critical shortage of student rooms, which prevents many students from living in Wageningen. Other political parties would like to see student rooms as much as possible outside of Wageningen, but Connect Wageningen strongly believes students should be able to live in the city where they study. This way students can also engage more in sports, extra curricular activities, and invest in personal development. We see opportunities for building in height, so that nature in and around Wageningen is preserved and Wageningen remains the green city that it is.

    Living in both a sustainable and green environment
    Connect Wageningen is committed to a sustainable today and future. Therefore green housing and buildings are important to Connect Wageningen. We want to do this according to the rules for sustainable construction, for example gas-free housing. In addition, we would like to preserve the nature reserves such as the flood plains, the Wageningen Eng and Het Binnenveld around us, so that everyone can live in both a sustainable and green environment.


    Alternatively on the 5% rule, 1 in 20 houses in the city may be used for student residency

    At the end of 2017, the municipality of Wageningen introduced a new policy: Per street, only 5% of the houses can be used for student housing. Connect Wageningen believes this is disproportionate when 25 - 33% of the residents in Wageningen are students. Connect Wagneingen wants to approach the problem differently as we are aware that nuisance is caused by a small group of students. We want to tackle these cases and make sure that not all students will be punished at the expense of this small group of students.

    More rental properties between € 700, - and € 1000
    For people with a low or middle income it is difficult to find a house. In order to offer starters a good place to live, we want to create more rental properties in the middle segment, between € 700 and € 1000. In this way, starters can move to a larger and affordable place to live, thereby releasing social rental housing.


    A hotline to report shifty landlords​
    Cases have been reported where students are being taken advantage of their rental homes/rooms. On arrival in Wageningen, international students still often find out that the room they are renting does not exist at all. Room rate checks by the National Student Union show that students pay an average of € 40 per month too much. The student union SAW is working on a hotline and there social counselors are available, of which unfortunately no student has heard about. We first want to explore how social counselors can offer support, otherwise we would like to pick this up ourselves.

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