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    A beautiful green and sustainable city

  • "Green in and around Wageningen must be preserved"

    Wageningen is connected to the green surrounding it. For most people it is also a reason why Wageningen is a nice place to live. The preservation of the green is therefore essential for a livable Wageningen and we will invest appropriate effort in it.

  • Priorities

    • Residents must be able to maintain the green in their own neighborhood if they want to
    • Investments must be made in water sports when reinforcing the Grebbedijk
    • Appointing a city ecologist
    • The entire space around the bus station must be made more efficient and more beautiful
  • Context

    The municipality is responsible for the spatial appearance of the city. For example, by means of zoning plans, it arranges where new residential areas may be built or existing neighborhoods may be expanded. Past council period, there has been a lot of work on the development of new locations, therefore there are only few places where we still can or want to build. Since we do not want to build in the Binnenveld and also do not want to expand within the “Wagengingse Eng”, we believe that no major new construction projects have to be added. Instead, we focus on increasing the quality of existing projects. For example, we also want to open up the last part of the city canal again. Consequently, the running water will also immediately reduce odor nuisance. A city ecologist could also play a major role in improving nature- and water quality in the city.


    About € 7.8 million of the € 93 million is going to live in Wageningen. That is 8.4% of the total.

  • Priorities further explained

    Residents must be able to maintain the green in their own neighborhood if they want to

    Green must be retained, and residents of Wageningen must have the opportunity to contribute to this. Often, residents themselves have good ideas about the interpretation of the neighborhood. The municipality can ensure that the necessary materials are made available for such initiatives, and money that is saved on green maintenance from external parties can also be used for these initiatives.

    Investments must be made in water sports when reinforcing the Grebbedijk

    The dike reinforcement of the Grebbedijk is planned to begin in 2020-2021. It is the task of the municipality to ensure that the final result offers enough space for recreation such as rowing, walking, sailing, swimming and skating. It is important that the municipality ensures proper implementation, especially given the large scale of this project.


    Appointing a city ecologist

    We want a city ecologist who can advise on the maintenance of green spaces at an early stage and can test building plans accordingly. Due to inadequate knowledge about nature, often wrong choices are made. That is annoying, because 'Whoever builds the wrong planting or does it in the wrong place can even worsen the climate in the city.' A city ecologist can offer a solution. The city ecologist can also deal with connecting zones, such as wet connections, through which amphibians and grass snakes can move, dry connections such as slopes next to dikes and waterways and also with some treetops for squirrels and some bird species.

    Make the entire space around the bus station more efficient and more beautiful

    A large amount of bicycles is parked around the bus station. With the growth of Wageningen, this proliferation of bicycles can cause problems, especially if they can not be parked anywhere. With plans to improve the Rooseveltweg / Lawickse allee intersection, the bus station can be included to create room for bicycles and to make the location a lot nicer. There are now two exploratory projects with virtual reality for this location.

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