• Education

    Every day is a new lesson

  • The cityshould use more knowledge of WUR 

    Wageningen University is a source of empirical knowledge for the whole world. Why wouldn’t we use this knowledge for our city. We already refer to this in the climate chapter, but you can also use the knowledge in other ways. The municipality and organizations could for example, facilitate ACT projects for greenery and forest management, healthy lifestyle, spatial planning, and customer surveying. In this way we ensure that more students flow into our city and more people are conscious about relevant matters. 

  • Priorities

    • The city should use more knowledge of WUR.
    • Access to an international school
    • The possibility for everyone in Wageningen to be able to take English and Dutch lessons
    • Provide extracurricular programs in schools about sustainability and entrepreneurship
  • Context

    As Connect Wageningen, we believe that learning is a lifelong continous process. This is extremely important, because learning, development and experience make life interesting and therefore contribute to well-being and health. In order to maintain the well-being and health of its inhabitants, the subject of learning is therefore very important for the municipality. In our point of view, the municipality is still focusing too much on the tasks it that it receives from the government and it misses out on opportunities which are relevant for specifically Wageningen. 


    In Wageningen, €5 million of the €93 million goes to education, which isapproximately 5.3% of the municipality's total budget. Half of this goes to the school buildings. 

  • Priorities further explained

    Access to an international school 

    Following our own research and discussions with our international community in 2018, we recognizedthe need for an international school. Since the beginning of our council term, we have been committed to deliver an International school in Kortenoord (neighborhood in Wageningen). Unfortunately, this was not successful, but we want children in Wageningen to also have access to an international school. Distance learning has become easier thanks to digitization. In this way, primary education in two languages ​​is possible in Wageningen. 

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    English and Dutch lessons for everybody 

    Wageningen is known for its international character, with respectively 135 different nationalities. For Wageningen to be inclusive it is essential that everyone can understand and communicate with each other. It would therefore be great for internationals if they could follow affordable Dutch courses or improve their English. This will reduce loneliness among internationals and improve their integration through more social contact. Local Wageningers (=people living in Wageningen) with a language delay would also benefit from this, By understanding each other better, we can also learn to understand each other better. 

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    Extra curricular programs in schools about sustainability and entrepreneurship 

    We want torealize extra programs for education about greenery, sustainability andentrepreneurship. Many students tell us that they would like to give something back to Wageningen. Students tell us that they are eager to share their obtained knowledge. Expensive subsidies are currently spent on additional climate education. We think that students would do a great job sharing knowledge with students of the Pantarijn, And students at the Pantarijn can do the same at primary schools. In this way we are all more connected!