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    Bringing the city to life

  • "A pop stage is small, a culture house offers more opportunities"

    The municipality already wants to support plans for a pop stage. But we think only a stage is too little. Instead of a pop stage, we prefer to see a culture house in or near the center of Wageningen. Here, different parties can organize cultural activities such as dance lessons. When you combine this with a stage, it starts to look like a culture house. A youth center such as' t Oude Bijenhuis or Unitas can also find its place here. With such a culture house, a beautiful place is created for poetry slams, storytelling nights or as a small theater and the center becomes more lively.

  • Priorities

    • Attract international culture
    • Theater and higher culture must be organized regionally
    • Take action against vacancy
  • Context

    We believe that culture is an important way of increasing well-being and strengthening integration among all groups. The cultural policy of 2014 was one major austerity measure, so there are currently many opportunities in the field of culture. At the moment there are plans for pop podium.


    In Wageningen, approximately € 2.9 million of the € 93 million is spent on culture, which is about 3.1%.

  • Priorities further explained

    Attract international culture

    For a city where 17.6% of the inhabitants were born outside the Netherlands, we see very little permanent international culture. We want to actively look for entrepreneurs who want to set up a Japanese style karaoke bar, Chinese style internet café or Scandinavian style coffee house, because Wageningen has all the knowledge and cultural affinity.

    Theater and higher culture must be organized regionally

    We want theater and higher culture to be organized and financed regionally. We are very happy with our theater, but we pay Junushoff half a million a year, while half of that does not end up with our own residents. After all, more than half of the visitors come from outside. If our plans do not work, we want at least more Wageningers to use Junushoff.

    Take action against vacant property

    We think it's a shame when buildings are empty for a long time. Unfortunately, owners in Wageningen have no reason to fill their buildings quickly. We want these owners to allow temporary rent for pop-up projects such as galleries or stores. The fact that a building is for rent does not have to mean that it is empty, because there are enough creative ideas.

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