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    Sports for a healthy and social Wageningen

  • "Invest in opportunities for water sports in the reinforcement of the Grebbedijk"

    Rijkswaterstaat, the water boards, the province and Wageningen are working on a project to improve the dyke. This is a gigantic project and requires a vision on how we want to deal with the landscape. In addition to guaranteeing that the Uiterwaarden can maintain its authentic and peaceful appearance, we want to invest in a puddle / runway / area for recreational sports. Rowers, sailors and in the winter skaters have to find their place here. This is a one-time opportunity!

  • Priorities

    • Use sports as a means to ‘boost’ Wageningen
    • Facilitate the step from student sports association to citizens' sports club
    • Use sport to help people with weight problems
  • Context

    As Connect Wageningen, we believe that sport is very important to keep up with your health and well-being. In recent years, the municipality has mainly focused on sports facilities and on young people with weight problems. It's a nice start, but with a small extra budget we can do a lot more. For example, we think that sport can be used more for 'branding' and we think it lacks a focus on weakened elderly people. That is precisely where sport is important. In the upcoming 4 years, the enormous restructuring of the Grebbedijk will offer great opportunities. We will certainly focus on space for water sports enthusiasts!


    In Wageningen € 3.8 million of the € 93 million goes to sports, which is about 4.1% of the total budget. In the execution of our plans, excluding the Grebbedijk, the costs would increase to approximately € 3.9 million.

  • Priorities further explained

    Use sports as a means to ‘boost’ Wageningen

    We believe that it is very important that the 'Wageningen' brand is clear and strongly promoted. A strong brand will attract companies, which will take jobs and strengthen the graduates' degrees. Our plans in the area of ​​climate also depend on how strong the Wageningen brand is. In America you can see how successful it can be when sports and branding go hand in hand. That is why we have plans to make Wageningen's fleet available to sports clubs during the weekends and develop a plan to stimulate a number of sports in Wageningen.

    Facilitate the step from student sports association to citizens' sports club

    One year after graduation, graduates must leave their sports association students. However, many recent graduates find no job at that time and are more susceptible to loneliness and depression. That is why we want to make it easier for new graduates to join a citizens' sports club. In any case, for the average and large associations this can be very interesting. Different student sports clubs want to contribute to this at least.

    Use sport to help people with weight problems

    The municipality does a lot for children with weight issues, which we also find very important. We only want that this is done for all residents with weight issues. Sport is important in all stages of life.

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