• Active City

    Sports for a healthy and social Wageningen

  • Invest in new sports accommodations and increase the capacity 

    The policy plan from the municipalityconcerning sports is hopelessly outdated. We think a rework is due soon. Thegoals of the municipality can finally become realistic and the financial means could be distributed more equally. This goes along with a redistribution of financial means is. The current sport accomocations have capacity problems and are outdated. More spade needs to be given to different fields and this should be done in the most efficient way possible. Using the sports accommodations for a commercial purpose should also be possible. 

  • Priorities

    • Use sports as a means to ‘boost’ Wageningen
    • Pilot Sports and wellbeing
    • Annual budget for individual athletes
    • The municipality should be there for all athletes
    • Invest in new sportsaccommodations and increase the capacity
    • Facilitate the step from student sports association to citizens' sports club
  • Context

    Connect Wageningen believes sports play a crucial role in maintaining a high level of health and wellbeing. Unfortunatly, the policy plan from the municipality dates back to 2012 and is therefore hopelessly outdated. The three ambitions: Inclusive sporting climate, stimulating the youth to exercise, and the creation of a sustainable and functional sports infrastructure are all still very relevant. Due to mistakes in the beginning of the enactment of the policy the municipality does not want to and is unable to measure the success in realizing these goals. 


    About 1,5 million euros goes to sports from the total 90 million Euros, which equals to 1,3%. 

  • Priorities further explained

    Annual budget for individual athletes 

    A lot of money goes to the accommodationsof sports associations on a yearly basis. However, a large portion ofWageningen does not make use of these funds, even though a lot of them exercise on a regular basis. That is why we want to reserve a sizeable fund for sporting in public areas. This fund could be used for things like a survival parkour, better bicycle lanes, lighting of sport parks, a boulder track, or any other idea inhabitants want to see realized. If this fund was realized earlier, the skatepark might have been a success story. 

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    The municipality should be there for all athletes 

    The focus of the municipality should stay on providing sporting opportunities for all inhabitants. Often people don’t tell you that this automatically means less attention to the top sports, but we do. We think that everyone should have the opportunity to practice sports and want to use the financial means of the municipality in order to achieve this. We would only support top sports if this goes well together with an economical sponsor deal. 

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    The connection between student and civiliansports associations made logical 

    With some sports the switch from student to civilian associations works quite logical. When students are done with their studies, they leave the student sports association and join the civilian one. Unfortunatly, this is not the case with all sports. This is often due to a large age gap. With some associations the assimilation is very well done, but some associations have more trouble with this. We want to talk with both the student and civilian associations to look at ways to ease this process.  

    Pilot sports and wellbeing 

    We are convinced that a more sportive Wageningen means a healthier Wageningen. Most sporters, logically, already practice sports. That is why we want to think outside of the box in order to stimulate more people to practice sports. We envision possibilities to work together with psychological institutions in order to stimulate people with psychological difficulties to start practicing sports. We also like to work together with insurance companies, where the fee is partially paid by people who exercise more often.  

  • Achievements 2018-2022

    Commissioner for research into participation for the regional energytransition 

    Everyone is in favor of using the university’s knowledge. However, no one is critical on how the municipality uses this in the real world. By being the client for investigation ourselves we learned from this, and we can use this knowledge to let the municipality be a client more often. In this case we asked 2 teams of master students to conduct research on the participation of youth at the regional energy strategy. We concluded that the municipality made mistakes here. There are good ways to improve this, see the flyers below.  

    The municipality should be there for all athletes 

    Some parties want the outskirts of the city to turn dark again. This is a very good idea concerning nature, but it is to extreme. To ensure safety of traffic and athletes, important roads should remain lighted.  

    All inhabitants can exercise 

    The municipality focusses on tackling obesity of the younger generations in Wageningen. We have insisted the focus to be on all age groups with obesity. So not only the young inhabitants, but everyone that poses a danger. 


    Project Grebbedijk 

    To protect against flooding hazards, themunicipality needed to carry out changes to the Grebbedijk. This was a giganticproject together with Rijkswaterstaat. There were also a lot of chances for athletes. We insisted on taking the athletes into account with this project, by creating a rowing channel for example. We also protected the sand beaches at the banks of the river, instead of giving these regions back to nature. We chose for water recreation. 

    Speed on the water 

    We have worked on a lowering of the speedlimit on the water. Because a lot of people make use of the harbour, it is notalways safe. That is why we have filled a motion to lower the speed limit. This will mostly help the water sports. 

    Participant of the sports- and movementdeal 

    Connect Wageningen does not just focus onsports as a political party, but also as an association. In that role we havebeen an active participant of the ‘sport- en beweegakkoord’ and are we project leader of the ‘ik doe mee’ fund. We think it is beautiful that the government has funds available for sports associations and organisations to make agreements with each other. This is not connected to the policy plan of the municipality, which is extremely outdated.   

    Participant of the preventieakkoord 

    We also participated actively with thecreation of the preventionakkoord. Here we work together with other parties tosolve problems such as smoking and obesity.