• Accessibility

    Faster in and out of Wageningen

  • “Better public transportation from and to Wageningen”

    Without a train station, citizens working and living in Wageningen are completely dependent on buses. With an express bus service we can reduce the commuting time from and to Ede-Wageningen central station and Arnhem by 15-30minutes. Such a service will give Wageningens’ accessibility a boost and reduces car traffic. Additionally, night buses for a city like Wageningen are indispensable. For example, when going a night out in Arnhem, with night buses it will be possible to stay out later than 11pm without worrying how to get home or having to cycle alone in the middle of the night from Ede-Wageningen to Wageningen.

  • Priorities

    • Bicycle tunnel at Bornsesteeg intersection
    • Safer and efficient traffic situations
    • Wageningen as cycle city where cyclist get priority
    • Night busses so that everyone can return home safely
    • Express bus service between Wageningen (University) and Arnhem
  • Context

    Connect Wageningen finds the accessibility of Wageningen of critical importance. Mobility is one of the biggest daily annoyances of people, it has an impact on climate and has consequences for (traffic) safety. Because not everyone has the possibility to live in Wageningen, it is crucial to make the commuters travel time as short as possible. Connect Wageningen favors that cyclists and public transportation get priority in most cases across the city. Only on main large roads should cars get priority so that they can easily and efficiently travel out of the city. In this manner Connect Wageningen creates an ideal balance between sustainability, health, accessibility and traffic flow.


    In Wageningen, about €4.8 million euro from the total €93 million is invested in accessibility. This is about 5.2% of the total budget. Our plans for the bicycle tunnel can be financed by the reserved budget for accessibility which Wageningen has saved in relation to plans of the ring road. No extra budget will be needed for this.

  • Priorities further explained

    A bicycle tunnel at the Bornsesteeg intersection

    The accessibility of Wageningen can be improved. This counts for both cyclists, cars as well as public transportation. There are daily bottle necks for cyclists at the Bornsesteeg/Nijenoord Allee intersection which leads to annoyances by cars, as well the cyclists themselves. Connect Wageningen pleads for a bicycle tunnel on this intersection. In that way, cyclists can reach the university faster and safer while other road users can move faster on the crossing.

    Making traffic situations safer and more efficient

    Besides the Bornsesteeg/Nijenoord Alle intersection, there are other areas where Connect Wageningen wants to improve the traffic situation:

    • The schooltraffic on the Hollandseweg where the Leeuwenborch and the Pantarijn are located
    • The route from the Grebbedijk to rowing association Argo/Vada and the port
    • The intersection at Stationsstraat infront of the Rabobank
    • The road from supermarket Hoogvliet to Haarweg
    • The intersection of the Rooseveltweg on the Lawickse Allee
    • The crossing on the Churchillweg in front of the Volkswagen dealer


    Wageningen as a cycle city

    At some locations across Wageningen there is not enough street lighting, while at other areas there are unnecessary speedbumps. Connect Wageningen wants to improve these areas to increase the safety. In the inner city, where everything is accessible by bike, the cyclist must be central and given priority. This is good for the environment, provides clean air in Wageningen and creates a safer environment for young and old. As a result, Wageningen will become a cycle friendly city for everyone.

    Night busses so that everyone can return home safely

    Currently, Wageningen is poorly connected to the night network. For example, there are no night buses from and to Ede and Veenendaal, while the trains do operate. This is unfortunate, since Wageningen citizens do want to get out of the city once in a while. This does not only affect students, but also other generations who want to go to a theater show or concert in another city. If you are then forced to take the train at 21.30 because otherwise you will not be able to get home, is annoying for most.


    Express bus service between Wageningen (University) and Arnhem

    There are plans for an express bus service between the WUR campus and Arnhem central station. Connect Wageningen finds it important that this express service becomes a reality. Additionally, we want to make sure that the bus stops are minimal so that it really is an express service. In this way Connect Wageningen works on a more efficient work- and academic related traffic in and around our city.

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