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Housing issues amongst students on the rise in Wageningen

Lately, we regularly receive reports from Dutch and international students who experience problems with their home and landlords in Wageningen. There are only a few universities and cities that have facilities for students with questions or complaints. Fortunately, Wageningen has those facilities but they are not always known among students. Here we let you know where you can find help!

Lack of information

According to a research by the National Student Union (LSVb) many (international) students do not know how Dutch rental and housing law works. This means that students often take false information from their landlord. For example, landlords regularly request fees for keys, extra administrative fees, or ask higher rents than allowed. This makes international students extra vulnerable as they are unaware of their rights.

Overview of incidents

The municipality of Wageningen is aware of only two cases and Connect's partners also do not have the exact figures. Students do not always report these problems because they do not always know to whom they should report them. What also makes it difficult is that landlords who take advantage of their renters often change their name or e-mail address which make it difficult to trace them. So we need your help!

Report your problems to us

The LSVb has a website where you can check if you pay too much rent (see links below). However, it is even better if you inform local organizations in Wageningen such as us, Connect Wageningen, but also HousingDeskWageningen, Startpunt or the Municipality of Wageningen. We all acquire the facilities to help you.

So, if you experience any problems, not sure if your landlord is taking advantage of you, or have any other questions... Send us a message!