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Registering, sporting, and malicious landlords in the municipality

Summer holidays has come to a close and as such, several actions have been jump-started within Connect. Meanwhile, the academic year has started and more than 2450 new students have begun with their new courses at the university. During the AID (introduction days) we talked with many enthusiastic students at our info-booth. It was quite tragic to see that a camping had to be set up to give everybody a place to sleep. Unfortunately, most people have not found a room, but the ones that have managed to get one usually don’t register at the municipality. For this reason, Connect has started an action. If you register at the municipality and let us know, you have a chance at winning a 1-year long subscription to De Bongerd sporting centre (adjacent to the campus), among other prizes. As such we are stimulating a healthy lifestyle and trying to get as many students to register as possible. Registering at the municipality is important for rent subsidy, receiving important mail, and safety. But by receiving more registrations the municipality can also get more resources which they can use to tackle slumlords, malicious landlords, and the absurd increase in rental costs, for example.