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Connect Wageningen switches council member in June

Rani Temmink (25), the first chairwomen and council member for Connect Wageningen will resign during the council meeting on 20 May.

Connect Wageningen is a party that consists of youth, students, young professionals and international residents. Such a dynamic group is great for diversity and innovation, but it also comes with uncertainty. For example, people go on an internship abroad, write their thesis, continue studying in another city or find a job.

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“It was already known from the start that as a party we will switch council members more often than usual to be able to guarantee continuity. This is a structure that many student parties across the country adopt. It is also embedded at the roots of Connect that we want to give everyone the opportunity to participate. However, I did not expect that I would already have to make this decision at this point in time", says Rani.

After graduating from Wageningen University in 2017, Rani was already working before she was elected as a council member. “I did both my bachelor and master programs at the University of Wageningen. When I decided to continue living in Wageningen, I wanted to give something back to society. I was able to do that in this position. I must say that I didn’t expect local politics to be such a fascinating world and would encourage anyone to join. Being a council member I was able to discover Wageningen in a different way. As a student you think you live in Wageningen, but actually you live in the Wageningen UR bubble."

Rani will continue to live in Wageningen and will be working for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. “Here I mainly work on the energy transition - a fantastic combination in addition to council work. Unfortunately, it is impossible to combine the two jobs. Especially not at this stage of your life." Unfortunately, Rani's situation is not unique. Nationally, in the age category of 25-35, 40% resign early as a council member due to the work load.

“I want to thank everyone who has supported me the past year and a half, who was open to help me develop in politics and with whom I have worked together. What a nice city council to get acquainted with politics for the first time. I wish everyone good luck in the coming period and see you in and around Wageningen."

The Connect team appreciates her commitment and is very grateful for all her efforts. As the first party chairwoman there were many unknown areas that had to be discovered. She has done a fantastic job and paved the road for her successors.

Rani will leave the council on May 20th. Her successor will be installed shortly after. Who that will be will be announced in due time.

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