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New rowing track in Wageningen?

Grebbedijk update

The dike on the edge of Wageningen needs to be reinforced. Besides development of nature, this project also offers an oppurtunity for Wageningen to realise some new ambiitions. During a long proces a concept of the preferred alternative has been presented. Furthermore an ambition to create a small pool in the floodplains for recreation is settled upon.

In the council, Connect Wageningen managed to agree to aa motion to reduce the speedlimit on the water so it will be safer to go sailing or to swim. Besides this the complete council urged to add a new rowing track to the developments of the Grebbedijk. This new rowing was a wish from Connect Wageninge, Argo and VADA to be added. However because the living area of the spotted crake was in the neighbourhood, the rowing track was not included.

The rowing track was now petitioned by the city council to the province who will develop the definitive plans for the Grebbedijk. Whether the rowing track will be included, we will know at a later time.