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Renewing Democracy in Wageningen

Jan Bart Wilschut leads the process of democratic renewal in Wageningen. Recently, Connect had an open conversation with him about what is actually understood by democratic renewal. Although Jan Bart was chosen in a not entirely transparent process by political party D66 to lead this process, We can really appreciate his open attitude. During the discussion we have brought forward important points that are important in the democratic renewal in Wageningen. Communication and language are essential in this. Not only is it communicated very often in a way that cannot be understood, it is also assumed that everyone in Wageningen speaks Dutch. 1 out of 6 inhabitants in Wageningen was not born in Wageningen, for sure they don’t all speak Dutch, but are certainly residents of our international city! Furthermore, democracy must be accessible to everyone and with it, politics. That's why we are not only about council members, but you can also be involved in many other ways and provide input on topics that are close to your heart. For example, 40 people want to be active for Connect who all have to have their place, but we still run against rules of the municipality too often. In this way, new opportunities are created with democratic renewal in order to involve everyone better in decision-making!