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IQ required !? No, rather a translator.

Uit de Raad #3

Connect Wageningen was founded to ensure that more people can participate in politics. In order to make it easier for young people to participate in politics, we have chosen to be a youth party, but there are more social groups that find it difficult to participate. During our visit to the OBS Tarthorst primary school, a student thought he might not be able to participate in politics because he was going to follow VMBO, a pre-vocational education program. We are really disappointed to hear that people are afraid that they do not belong in politics because of their educational choice! We might understand where that feeling comes from. City council meetings can continue into late hours and are often filled with jargon and difficult words. The language of politicians and policy is very different from the language used by people on the street. The previous political evening was about plans for a new supermarket where reasons for and against were placed on the table. How does the municipality communicate that you ask? "In accordance with the considerations in the" View of Draft Memorandum for the Designation of Destination Plan Geertjesweg 19 and 56 "dated October 2017, the viewpoints are partially well-founded and partially unfounded;" Fortunately, Connect Wageningen has the capacity to translate this into a more comprehensible language. But we also want to ensure that the municipality starts to simply speak normal Dutch. More information: