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Corona crisis update: We have lift-off

The first digital councilmeetings are a fact. They have been an absolute blast. The chatbox could not be found, microphones stayed on. The differences between digital abilities became seemingly evident.

Do you vote with raising your hand? Nope, everybody must at turn be in view and say that they are for or against the preposition. And this with 25 people in the council. Decisions that usually took seconds are now prolonged for minutes on end. Especially when somebody can't find their microphone button. And this while you make several decisions in one council meeting. The council still needs to have a lot of practise but from July on the meetings are live again. A relieve to a lot of councelors, i think.

Practise makes perfect because a lot of large subjects are on the planning. Corona took a break but we need to catch-up. The Vision on the Eng, Regional Energy Strategy and the Campus route are on schedule. Just like the financial health of the municipality. We were on a break but now we have to step on the gas.