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5G Network

Anybody who reads the news these days regularly sees articles on 5G. However an objective and well-informed message is rarely among them. It seems like the media is only most interested in the most entertaining conspiracy theory.

We have asked what the viewpoint is of our municipality. It's very simple: We follow the advise of the health services. However if you look at the website of the municipality, local health services or regional ones, you find no information. It almost seems like nobody is actually looking into this.

We, our fellow councilmembers and the municipality have been warned bij several civilians about their worries on this subject. This should have been enough for our alderman to act. As of yet nothing has happened. For this reason we have adressed the issue to share good information on this subject through social media and newspapers.

They agreed and this information has been shared, so now civilians can be well-informed on this subject. See also