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Connect: A week after the elections

It has been almost a week since the city council elections took place. On Wednesday evening, 21st of March, when they released provisional results, we celebrated our victory of 2 seats in the council. On Friday morning, officials verified the number of votes and concluded that the difference in votes between Connect Wageningen and the Christian Union was only 3 votes.”The electoral council decided to do a recount for 4 of the 19 polling stations as the numbers of individual votes did not match up with the total amount of votes per political party at those 4 places. After waiting half a day, the recount resulted in Connect Wageningen having 20 votes more than Christian Union, meaning that we got to keep the 2 seats in the council.

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On Saturday, 24th of March, we went to work immediately and agreed on the coalition process lead by the Green Left Party. Starting this week, Rani Temmink and Mark Reijerman will represent Connect Wageningen during the coalition negotiations.

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This Thursday, 29th of March at 20.00 everyone is welcome at the city hall for the inauguration of the new city council, where Romy Stijsiger and Rani Temmink will become officially part of the city council as representatives for Connect Wageningen.

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Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone that has helped or supported Connect Wageningen throughout the past year. Our head, Mark Reijerman lives the motto, “where there is a will, there is a way”. What started as a small group of people grew to a large community of motivated and well-meaning students, youth, young professionals and internationals. All with one goal – giving back and contributing to this wonderful city. You have given us the energy to continue our work; as shows, hard work pays off!

In particular, we would like to thank Kevin Bron, who has done an amazing job at designing our campaign materials. The same goes for the team of 50mm Films who developed our campaign video. Special thanks to all of those who have given us feedback on our website so we could improve it and make politics more accessible for everyone. Thanks to all the (student) organizations in Wageningen who gave valuable input for our election program. In particular Giulia Homs and Rick Vleghert from Student Alliance Wageningen (S.A.W) whom we have worked closely with since the start of Connect Wageningen. Also thanks to all our volunteers that helped flyering throughout the city, through thick and thin! Last but not least, thank you to all of those that are on (or wanted to) be on our candidate list, which resulted in the largest list of all the political parties! Unfortunately we were only allowed to put 50 people on this list, but we are thankful to everyone who helped us reach this point.


And most importantly, a thank you to all the 1300 people that voted for us! Thank you for believing in us and we promise to do the best we can the upcoming 4 years!

And don't forget, you can count on us for all your questions

One of our goals is to involve and make politics and municipality issues as accessible as possible for everyone. If you, your neighbour or a friend has questions related to the municipality, procedures, or ideas you would like to share ... Via Connect Wageningen you now have a direct link to get all your questions answered! Send us a message via or send a message via Facebook! We will also continue to be present every Wednesday at Forum during lunch. We will try and help you the best we can.