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Youth Climate Agenda

Last political evening was the last council meeting before the summer holidays, which gives us a nice opportunity to look back and ahead. Because what a crazy year it has been. What started as a group of three students, has grown to a team that contributed 3 amendments and a motion during the last council meeting. Everyone who participates is starting to understand more and more how the political system works. It is now up to us to also take the new acquisitions after the summer and ensure that everyone who wants to change something is able to do so. What is also great to see is that our ideas are also heard by the council, alderman and the mayor. Our new, bright and refreshing perspectives are therefore an essential input for the municipality so that everyone in Wageningen can be heard. In this way we continue to talk to many other youth parties in the Netherlands to shape new ideas and to involve more young people in politics. Recently we were at the Youth Climate Agenda to see how different sustainable youth organizations give their input to the Climate Agenda. It was inspiring to see everyone so passionate about climate. But the idea that the municipality is also an important player in realizing sustainable ambitions and that we, as young people, can make a specific contribution locally to a sustainable Netherlands was new to many. So there is another battle to make the Netherlands more sustainable by also getting young people in the city council. I would say, Connect is working on it! Until after the summer.